Owen Komperdo


Senior Wealth Planner


Given my passion for planning and watching people achieve their financial goals, becoming a financial planner was a natural fit. I take great pride in understanding my clients ‘why’ by asking the right questions and by using quantitative and qualitative analysis to reveal their goals, identify potential obstacles to those goals, and then provide solutions to those obstacles. I believe that building a strong, trust-based relationship with my clients is the best way to earn their business.

Questions & Answers

What are some of the key strengths you bring to the WealthCo team?

I like to think I’m a calm and casual person with an analytical side as well.

What is something that is on your bucket list?

I enjoy traveling - I like to see one new place every year.

What are some causes you are passionate about?

I'm a supporter of animal rights causes – the Calgary Humane Society being one organization I feel strongly about.