Better benefits for your employees.

We foster stronger connections between benefit providers, employees, and employers.

Why Benefits Matter

Employee benefits play an important role in retaining and recruiting top talent, but what is often overlooked is the impact they have on overall engagement.

Your employees are your 

greatest brand advocates.

A common challenge faced by employers when looking to provide meaningful value through employee benefits is getting everyone moving in the same direction. 


There are three simple questions every employer should be asking themselves.

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true partner in your employee benefits strategy.


Training & Development


Marketing & Communications

As your company grows so does the time and effort needed to manage crucial back office tasks. We are here to help.


Performance Oversight


Operational & Admin Support

Is it time to update your employee benefits?

Employee benefits play a significant role in the growth strategy of all businesses and can produce a meaningful return on investment when done right.


Benefits Audit

The sole purpose of a benefits audit is to identify if your current benefits plan is an expense, or an investment in the future of your company.


Design Strategy

We work with you to design a benefits strategy that reflects the unique needs of your organization beyond core benefits.


Review and Implementation

Once we fully understand and establish your program goals, we review your current arrangements and provide relevant and cost-effective options.


Communication and Education

We engage with your team from day one to help with plan administration, trainingsupport, educational sessions, and more.


Ongoing Management

Employee benefits are fluid, that is why we stay on top of changes in our ongoing commitment to provide you and your staff with a great benefits experience.

The workplace has changed. 

It's time employee benefits did too.

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WealthCo Benefits can help you create a better benefits strategy for your employees.