Comprehensive Insurance Solutions to protect you from life’s ‘what if’s’?

We've offer a full suite of insurance solutions with you in mind. From business insurance to life insurance, disability, critical illness, and beyond, we've got your back.

Integrated Protection

Unbiased Advice

Peace of Mind

"Preparing for the Worst" Shouldn't Be Your Biggest Fear

It's human nature to avoid thinking about the worst-case scenarios. But planning for them doesn't have to feel like an impossible task.

Planning for the future shouldn’t be a source of anxiety. Let us guide you through the process

Not sure if your family or business is adequately protected if something were to happen to you?

Worried about the financial impact of unforeseen events on your business?

Avoiding the topic of life insurance, disability, or critical illness coverage because it’s too daunting?

Are you concerned about choosing the right policy amidst all the jargon and fine print?

Wondering if you have too much insurance, or not enough?

Tired of insurance solutions that don't seem to fit your unique needs?

Advice You Can Trust. Solutions You Can Count On.

In an industry where commission often drives decisions, we've taken a stand. Our advisors aren’t compensated on commission, meaning our team’s motivation is to find your the right policy for you, not the policy with the highest commission.

You can rest easy knowing we have your best interest at heart, always.

Is Mortgage Insurance the right choice to cover your family home?

Let us explain the how mortgage insurance works and what alternatives could work better for you and your family to help you make a more informed decision.

Experience the WealthCo Difference

Discover the benefits that set WealthCo Risk Management apart from other insurance brokers.

Integrated Approach

We collaborate with your other advisors, ensuring that your insurance solutions align perfectly with your overall financial plan.

Unbiased Advice

Unlike other firms where commission drives decisions, our advisors are not compensated on a commission basis. Our advice is always tailored to your needs, not ours.

Tailored Solutions

With access to all the major insurance providers in Canada, we are able to offer truly personalized insurance solutions, rather than one-size-fits-all policies.

Peace of Mind

We believe that insurance isn't just about mitigating risks - it's about providing peace of mind.

Protect what matters most in four simple steps.

Discover - IN Icon

1. Discover

We begin by understanding your unique needs and the protection gaps in your business and personal life.

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2. Advise

Based on our findings, we provide tailored recommendations, ensuring that you're equipped with the best options available.

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3. Implement

Once you're confident in the path forward, we efficiently put your chosen policies in place to safeguard your future.

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4. Review

We regularly revisit and reassess your coverage to ensure it aligns with any changes in your life.

How much is peace of mind worth to you?

Peace of mind is a priceless asset in the face of life's uncertainties. Insurance is more than just a financial safety net - it's a gateway to peace, letting you live fully today with the confidence that tomorrow is secure. When considering what peace of mind is worth to you, think of insurance as an investment in your future for both you and your loved ones. Here are a few ways insurance solutions can offer you confidence and peace of mind;

Protect your family’s future.

A well-planned life insurance policy is more than just a financial safety net - it's a commitment to the well-being of your loved ones, ensuring their financial stability in the face of the unexpected. It's about securing your legacy, protecting your family's future, and gaining peace of mind knowing that, no matter what happens, you've got them covered.

Life insurance isn't just a policy, it's a promise of protection that transcends generations.

Preserve Your Income and Livelihood.

Life is an active endeavour, and your ability to work is one your greatest assets. But what if injury or illness sidelines you? Disability Insurance is there to safeguard your income, replacing a portion of it when you are unable to work due to a disabling event.

Disability Insurance isn’t a luxury; it's a fundamental part of a comprehensive financial plan that provides reassurance when you need it most.

Protect Your health and wellbeing.

None of us plan to get sick, yet 2 in 5 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.*

Critical Illness Insurance is your financial shield against the storm of serious health conditions, providing the means to focus on your recovery instead of financial stress.

It's not just about managing medical expenses or lost income; it's about ensuring that a health setback doesn't lead to a financial downfall. Critical Illness Insurance offers you peace of mind, helping you to navigate through life's toughest challenges with added financial resilience.

*Canadian Cancer Statistics, 2021

Don’t settle. Get the policy that’s right for you.

WealthCo Risk Management is a full service health and life insurance brokerage offering solutions from all major insurance carriers in Canada, including:

  • Life Insurance (term, whole life, participating whole life, universal life)
  • Critical Illness
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long term care Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Group Benefits
  • Executive Medical Benefits
  • Healthcare Spending Accounts

Most people are unprepared for life’s unexpected events.

Navigating the complex world of insurance can feel daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. We are dedicated to making insurance understandable, accessible, and integrated into your overall financial plan. We strip away the jargon and present you with clear, tailor-made solutions that truly meet your needs.

At WealthCo, you're not just another client. We see you as a partner, and your best interest is our priority. Our advisors are not paid on commission, which means our advice is always genuine and focused on what's best for you. We work alongside your other advisors to ensure a cohesive approach to your financial health, reducing friction and increasing efficiency.

Preparing for the worst doesn't have to be a source of stress. Instead, it becomes an empowering journey of securing your business and family's future. We strive to offer you not just comprehensive insurance solutions, but also the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that whatever life throws at you, you're well-prepared.

With WealthCo Risk Management, navigating insurance becomes less about avoiding fear and more about embracing security.

Ready to protect what matters most to you?

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