Is your investment portfolio truly diversified?

You've worked hard for your money and want to do what's best to grow and protect your wealth.

If you have questions about your investment portfolio, you're not alone.

Am I taking more risks than I need to?

Stock market volatility concerns me, what other options do I have?

Are there other investment opportunities that I can be taking advantage of?

Example of a Traditional Portfolio

40% Bonds

60-40 donut.png

60% Stocks

When industry standard

isn't good enough.

Too often the standard formula of 60% stocks and 40% bonds is accepted as a diversified portfolio. But there is a better way to grow and protect your wealth.

Example of a WealthCo Balanced Portfolio

True diversification beyond stocks and bonds.

Our proprietary investment pools give you access to investment opportunities previously only reserved for high net worth investors and pension funds.

WealthCo donut.png
Updated Legend_1.png

The evolution of investing.

Is it time for a portfolio review?

Our Portfolio Review includes a three-step process designed to address any questions and concerns and will leave you feeling confident that your investment portfolio aligns with your personal and financial goals.



In the first step we will identify and provide you with a consolidated summary of your current investments, fees and other potential charges to help you better understand what you own and what you're paying for.



In step two we will discuss your investment needs, goals, and objectives and evaluate if your portfolio is aligned with your planning needs



In step three we will explore opportunities and make recommendations to help ensure your investment portfolio is on the right track to meet your investment needs, goals, and objectives.

Take the first step towards a better investment portfolio.

Schedule your portfolio review today to see how a WealthCo portfolio can help you reach your investment goals.