Jeanne Oppenheim

Chief Operating Officer


As an insightful and strategically focused leader, I was drawn to Investment Operations for its dynamic and analytical nature. I enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems, the satisfaction of optimizing processes, and delivering great client experiences. My expertise lies in digitization and process improvement, a skill set that has enabled me to make profound positive impacts during my career. At WealthCo, I continue to channel this expertise, driving efficiency and innovation, and ultimately making a lasting positive impact on Canadians' financial lives.

Questions & Answers

Share a career accomplishment you are particularly proud of.

I was lucky enough to be a key member of a global Digital Innovation project at a large insurance firm in Boston. Designing experiences across seven different countries in Asia, North America, and Europe was daunting but I gained valuable and hands-on knowledge that would have otherwise taken years to learn.

What is something that is on your bucket list?

To write a novel.

What are some causes you are passionate about?

I am involved with charities that support higher education for underprivileged communities.