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Sub-Advisor Spotlight | Laurus Investment Counsel

December 14, 2023

Navigating Market Trends and Investment Strategies: Insights from Laurus Investment Counsel

A WealthCo Exclusive Conversation with Chris Page, President and CEO of Laurus Investment Counsel

In a recent illuminating conversation, WealthCo's Chief Investment Officer, Dave Makarchuk, had the privilege of hosting Chris Page, the President and CEO of Laurus Investment Counsel, a key partner and esteemed advisor in the realm of small-cap equity investments. This discussion, rich with insights, comes at a crucial time for investors navigating the ever-evolving economic landscape.

A Decade of Synergy

Our journey with Laurus Investment Counsel spans nearly ten years, a testament to the enduring value and alignment of our investment philosophies. This partnership has been instrumental in guiding WealthCo clients through the complexities of small-cap investments, offering nuanced strategies and expertise.

Current Market Dynamics

Chris Page offers a deep dive into recent market trends, particularly highlighting the impact of shifts in interest rate policies around November 2021. These changes, though abrupt, have set the stage for a nuanced understanding of market movements and potential opportunities, especially in small-cap sectors. Page's analysis of the 2022 market scenario paints a picture of resilience and potential growth following a period of volatility.

The Power of Diversification

A central theme of the conversation is the importance of diversification in investment portfolios. In a market dominated by large-cap firms, Page emphasizes the growing potential and inherent value of small-cap investments. His perspective underscores WealthCo’s approach to investing – a blend of strategic foresight and diversity, ensuring our clients’ portfolios are well-positioned to weather market fluctuations and capitalize on growth opportunities.

A Long-Term Perspective

Looking ahead, Page remains optimistic about the market's trajectory. His long-term outlook is a refreshing reminder of the value of patience and strategic planning in investment. Despite short-term market volatilities, the focus, as Page suggests, should be on the long-term potential and the steady growth of well-chosen investments.

Aligning with WealthCo’s Vision

This conversation echoes WealthCo's commitment to offering our clients not just investment solutions but also insights that shape their understanding of the market. It reinforces our belief in a holistic approach to investment, where understanding market trends and maintaining a diversified, long-term strategy are key to successful financial outcomes.

As we continue to navigate these dynamic economic times, the insights from leaders like Chris Page are invaluable. We invite you to watch the full conversation.