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Employee Benefits

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25 Years

Direct Industry Experience


Canadian Businesses


Modern Plan Design

We foster stronger connections between benefit providers, employees, and employers

Remove the pressure of expectations from employers and employees by providing modern solutions to the complexities of outdated group benefit providers.


Expect more from your benefit provider, because your employees expect more from you

Scale the wellness of your employees, with the wellness of your business. We work with you to design and implement tailored plans that leverage the value of benefits into long-term employees who are healthier, more productive, and more likely to attain business goals and objectives.


Build Relationship Based Partnerships


Identify Employee Needs


Communicate Vision of Success


Clearly Define Challenges


Create Innovative Solutions

Business owners work with us because they receive a return on their investment

Full service benefits consulting and plan operation expertise create distinct advantage in competitive markets for great employees. In addition to the design and implementation, we offer a wide variety of essential services and support as part of your overall employee benefits strategy.

Marketing & Communications

Performance Oversight

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Training & Development

Operational & Administrative Support


Although most business owners have a 'benefits plan' as part of overall compensation, very few have a 'benefits strategy' as part of their overall business growth, this often leads to the misconception that employee benefits are an expense, and not a capital investment. Our process when working with new businesses is designed to ensure that both employers and employees receive a return on investment through benefits strategies.

Jeff Dyck, CFP, CLU, TEP, FEA

Vice President Insurance & Estate Planning - The WealthCo Group

Your employees are the greatest advocates of your brand.

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Collaborate with leading industry professionals

A common challenge faced by employers when looking to provide meaningful value through employee benefits is getting everyone moving in the same direction. Although there are significant complexities involved in the strategy and implementation of employee benefits, there are three simple questions every employer can begin with to get the ball rolling.

Are your benefits aligned with your organizational culture and values?

What benefits do your employees value?

Can you measure the return on investment of your employee benefits?

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Are you getting full value from your current employee benefits provider? Take a look and see how they stack up.

With over 25-years of experience in the employee benefits industry, WCO Benefits has developed significant core services and backs it up with a dedicated staffing team. This allows us to offer a breadth of marketing and support services designed to keep your employee benefits plan competitive in the marketplace while managing costs for your bottom line. In addition, we have been able to negotiate value-added services that can maximize the value of your plan to both you and your employees.