Anytime. Anywhere.

Your health doesn’t wait.

Virtual health plans allow you to get health care online, on your time.

Access to medical records.

Travel & Vacations.

Health & Lifestyle.

Prescriptions & Referrals.

Mobile support.

Taking care of your family.


Canadians confident nurse practitioners can meet their day-to-day health needs.

3 million

Canadians receiving their primary care from a nurse practitioner.

Certified in advanced clinical practice, nurse practitioners offer exceptional primary medical care. They look at lifestyle, diet and other health habits or problems that could impact your well-being and deliver personalized healthcare in a caring manner.


Wello nurse practitioners deliver medical care with the support of an expert team of care coordinators and in house medical directors.

Nurse practitioners focus on patients,

not just problems.

How it works.

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Receive treatment, medical advice, or have prescription medication delivered to you without leaving your home or office.

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Wello manages your medical records online so you can access your health information anytime, anywhere.

Be proactive about your health.

Wello gives you a new way to access professional care from anywhere – so you can get well when you’re sick, and stay well over the long term.