Expect more from your benefits provider, 

because your employees expect more from you.

Your employees are the greatest advocates of your brand, and to inspire advocacy todays employers don't just need an exceptional product, they need exceptional benefits.

Plan Design.

Group Benefits.

Employers today need to focus on developing strong, relationship based partnerships with benefits providers to help empathize with the needs of their employees, clearly define challenges, create innovative solutions, and communicate their vision for future success.

WealthCo Benefits solutions removes the pressure of expectations for employers and employees by providing modern solutions to the complexities of outdated group benefits providers. 

Look again.

Who's benefiting from your employee benefits?

If they answer isn't your end customers, its time to revisit the goals and objectives of your benefits plan.


The goal of employee benefits is to scale the wellness of your employees, with the wellness of your business.

Promote Healthy Habits. 

Enhance Corporate Culture.

Increase Productivity.

Exceeding Expectations.

Drive Engagement.

We foster stronger connections between benefit providers, employees, and employers.

The goal of employee benefits is to scale the wellness of your employees, with the wellness of your business.


We work with you to design customized plans that leverage the value of benefits into long-term employee assets who are healthier, more productive and more likely to attain business goals and objectives. 

Elevate Mindsets.

Increase Engagement.

Foster Creativity.

Increase retention.

Deepen Culture.

Increase Loyalty.

Carrier Solutions

Our access is your bottom line.

As independent consultants, we are able to access the marketplace to find the best carrier solutions to your tailored plan design. 

We audit your current employee benefits and provide modern and cost-effective options for sustainable employee growth and development.

Performance Oversight.

Communication Strategies.

Operational & Administrative Support.

Benefits Trend Forecasting.

Comprehensive Reporting.

Services & Support

Maximizing the benefits of a healthy and engaged employees.

As businesses grow operational and administrative tasks become increasingly taxing, and take away from critical strategic and creative priorities. 

We design, operate, communicate, and manage benefits programs with a comprehensive and ongoing commitment to success that allows for strategic business critical focus, and maximizes employee engagement. 

Training & Development.

When we learn, we grow.

Training is the starting point for businesses committed to investing in their employees. The value of your investment in employee benefits is a direct representation of the values your organization holds. 

We engage with your team from day one. From individual new employee orientations, to corporate educational sessions on the benefits of employee benefits, we are committed to continuous education and active leadership.

Inspire & Motivate.