April Zazulak


I am that person who loves learning new processes and systems inside and out, and then training others on them. I was drawn to human resources because of the ability to effect change and make a difference. I enjoy the problem-solving component of my role and take great pride and satisfaction in being able to present a win-win solution to an employee who may be facing an issue.

Questions & Answers

What are some of the key strengths you bring to the WealthCo team?

My interpersonal skills, adaptability, and sense of empathy. Being able to build and maintain relationships, adapt to change quickly, and being sensitive to the needs, concerns, and emotions of others is important for fostering a positive work environment.

Share a career accomplishment you are particularly proud of

I was a key member of the team tasked with implementing a new time and attendance system that was over three years in the making. From providing insights into the current process to testing over 100 different types of scenarios to see if they worked in the new system to training new users on the system, I was instrumental in the overall migration.

What are some causes you are passionate about?

A Better World Canada. I had the pleasure of working with the organizational co-founder and went on a life-changing humanitarian trip Kenya. Visiting the orphanages and schools that A Better World Canada has helped build was amazing and inspiring.