Create more time

Effective wealth management is more than about managing your money. It’s about creating time.

It is said that “we don’t make plans, we make time for them.” What this means in a rapidly changing world filled with political and economic uncertainty is that we have to be more conscientious of the ways in which we spend our time and prioritize what is important each day. It is important to make time for ourselves always.

There are numerous demands on our time. We focus on creating a healthy work/life balance while still trying to address demanding career, family, volunteering, and other social priorities.  

Managing your wealth personally, and maintaining regular contact with trusted advisors (Accountants, Lawyers, Insurance and Stock Brokers, Bankers, etc.) can become overwhelming. The outcome of each choice affects the entirety of your life, impacting the very same things we are attempting to balance. The careful coordination of communication between all of these independent entities can become draining on one's time and resources.  

Why spend time managing money and advisors when you can spend more time enjoying life to the fullest?

In addition to working with WealthCo to manage your wealth, some handy tips to start doing the things you love most include:

  1. Stop answering every phone call. Let the voicemail pick it up.

  2. Send less email, receive less email. Phone calls can be faster.

  3. Create less commitments or obligations.

  4. Stop spending time with people who suck your life energy.

  5. Put away the mobile phone and other devices. Sending fewer texts means receiving fewer texts.

  6. Turn off the TV.

  7. Prioritize and stick to these. Avoid doing non-priority things just because they are easier.

  8. Set a time limit on the things you need to do to make the most effective use of that time and stay focused.

  9. “Early to bed, early to rise” ... Waking up and going to bed earlier each day ensures you are at your optimal energy levels throughout the day. Nap more often.

  10. Outsource or delegate. Why do something that others can do for you?

  11. Learn how to say No.

  12. Buy less unnecessary stuff. Purchasing, maintaining, placing, replacing, repairing or returning items can eat through valuable time we don’t have.

  13. Turn off the computer when you can.

  14. De-clutter your home and office.

  15. Stop procrastinating. Do it NOW.

  16. Automate bill payments and other routine monthly or weekly tasks.

  17. Manage your time more effectively. Note how you spend your time each day to see where you can economize and reduce any time wasted.

  18. Eliminate some tasks. There many of these that, as it turns out, don’t actually matter that much.

  19. Work smarter, not harder. Think of ways to do things easier, cheaper, and more efficiently. Talk to others about how they manage time efficiently despite a busy work/life schedule.

  20. Stop doing the things you don’t like to do. Avoiding or resenting tasks can be more taxing mentally than actually just eliminating them from the To-Do list.

  21. Reduce time spent on social media.

  22. Focus on freeing up time to do the things you love the most. Find ways to live your passion every day.

  23. Focus on completion. It may not be perfect, but at least it will be done. Sometimes that is more than enough.

  24. Go paperless. Scan and upload important documents to a cloud or backup system. Have every important document at hand with a quick click rather than having to shuffle through paper folders and files.

  25. Put your keys, wallet, handbag, and other valuable items that are used daily in the same place. You’ll never lose these if you know exactly where they are each and every time you look for them.

  26. Do things differently. If you do what everybody else does, you’ll get what everybody else has.

  27. Avoid being overly altruistic or helping “because you should.” Those who take care of themselves first are in a better position to take care of others.

  28. Find ways to de-stress and worry less. Being overly concerned about the future can overtax the immune system and waste valuable time imagining “the worst” that may never come to pass.

  29. Take the time to regularly reflect on how you are spending your time and your life. Are you truly living an inspired life filled with passion and freedom? If not, what changes can you make today to truly capitalize off of each opportunity?

  30. Contact WealthCo today to see how we can simplify your life, create more time for you to enjoy the life you have built, and provide a centralized and clear connection to a better integrated advisory.

For more information on how to create even more time to do the things you love, contact WealthCo today.

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