A heart of gold

Every year at this time we start to prepare ourselves for a new beginning by reflecting on our successes and failures over the past twelve months. We look at where we are today and make resolutions for the year to come that will bring us closer to our dreams for the future. A year goes by fast - however, it is also a significant period of time for reflective change - and because of this, we are able to make better decisions moving forward.

Please take 84 hundredths of a second to do the exact same thing.

That is the time Elisabeth Vathje has to reflect on her future goals and aspirations for immediate change going forward and an opportunity to bring home a Gold Medal in Olympic Skeleton.



For the second time, Elisabeth Vathje has taken home a gold medal in the Woman's Skeleton Gold Cup - and we couldn't be happier for her. In her first major event of the season, Elisabeth took home the gold by an astounding margin of 84 hundredth of a second - most of us cannot begin to comprehend a number such as that as a landslide - but that was exactly what it was. Her time was well ahead of her fellow athletes and competitors, and a direct reflection of the sacrifices she has made as an elite athlete representing our country. 

As a sponsor we are very pleased to see that she is not only excelling, but at the top of her game - as people who believe that values are fundamental to success - we aren't shocked that a person with her integrity is leading the way to Olympic Gold for Canada in 2018.

At WealthCo we continue to be inspired by her steadfast ambition and drive to succeed - it has been an honour getting to know her personally, and watch her grow professionally. We are with her all the way and encourage everyone to support her in her dream.

To learn more about Elisabeth and follow her on her passionate adventure to Olympic Gold, follow the links below. There is always time for inspirational stories of courage and drive to become great leaders of the future.

Elisabeth Vathje

Official Website

Elisabeth Vathje

Skeleton Athlete Official Facebook Page

Elisabeth Vathje

Official Twitter Page

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