Thu., Jul. 16 | WealthCo. Wealth Planning Webinar

3 Key strategies for the long term investor.

The events of the first half of 2020 will undoubtedly redefine the investment landscape in ways few investors will be able to predict, leaving the door wide open for investors to revisit strategy, planning, and execution.
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3 Key strategies for the long term investor.

Time & Location

Jul. 16, 2020, 12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.
WealthCo. Wealth Planning Webinar

About the Event

Join us for a 30 minute market update and conversation outlining current market developments focused on three key realities and corresponding strategies that allow investors to maintain composure through tough times, and set the foundation to thrive during inevitable recovery.

1. Nobody complains when they profit from volatility.

From the dot com bubble to the events of the past six months, the greatest achievement global markets can claim is their ability to captivate investors. The majority of investors remain overexposed to equities, revisiting your risk tolerance transforms emotional investing into strategic planning.

2. Bonds are often misunderstood, leading investors to take them for granted.

In a low rate environment, investing in high risk bonds is on the rise, creating many investors to increase their exposure to risk due to the assumption that all bonds are created equal. The quality of bonds are based on comprehensive research and analysis, and defines risk exposure within your portfolio.

3. Diversification is a choice before it becomes a need.

Diversification is not a quick fix - investors who hold traditional stock and bond portfolios are rushing to diversification in an effort to correct second quarter losses. An actively managed diversified portfolio is a planning for the worst, so your future is not based on hoping for the best.3

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