Contrary to popular belief, talent is not common. 

Lets work together.

Growth requires extraordinary passion and talented human capital. 

Focus on what matters.

Keep it personal. 

Strengthen the relationships you have built with your clients by providing the services they need to grow.

Visualize the journey.

Support your clients with personalized financial lifecycles that clearly identify the path to their goals and objectives.

Make a great experience productive.

Provide the answers and resources your clients need to move from planning to execution.

See growth from every angle.

We are not a referral source, we're a collaborative and accountable partner.


Remove the loss of client visibility through referrals, and work collaboratively in a hands on environment to increase the lifetime value of your clients.

Do more with your time.

Support client needs through collaboration with industry professionals focused on client success.

Get the answers you need.

Manage your client lifecycles with an accountable client services partner that removes communication roadblocks.

Look to the future with confidence.

Scale your goals and objectives for growth by empowering your team with the resources to succeed. 


As CPA’s, we did our part preparing financial statements and tax returns, but it was fascinating to me that when we would ask our clients for the financial plan prepared by their investment advisor, most times they didn’t have a plan.  We always just assumed it was happening. With this integrated wealth management model, we see all the information, we see all the data, and we’re in a good position to help pull it all together and work as an integrated team to build and execute the plan.

Harvey Labuhn, CPA, CA, CBV

Managing Partner - Avail CPA

Take advantage of everything we have to offer.

The WealthCo Group of Companies is a collective of resources that provide CPA firms a competitive edge through collaboration. You have been entrusted with the unparalleled responsibility of your clients financial futures, use best in class tools to exceed expectations.

Dive deeper into your market.

Control client lifetime value by defining and delivering tailored services to their needs. 

Cultivate your brand.

Unlock growth by bridging the gap between client expectations and actionable solutions.

Inspire a growth culture.

Engage your team with training and development to help them thrive within your organization.

Lead with creativity.

Create intuitive client experiences that work seamlessly with your existing service offerings.

Clients don't buy products, the invest in what products can do for them. 

We're entrepreneurs, we're in this to succeed. 

Focus on your clients

with out of the box solutions.

Our industry experience allows CPA firms to unlock the power of their brands and deliver increased value with out of the box solutions and unparalleled experience through every customer and employee engagement.

The WealthCo

Group of


Your goal is to grow your firm by providing additional service offerings to your clients with the experience they have grown to expect. 


The WealthCo Group of Companies is uniquely positioned to provide the resources and opperational framework to meet and wxceed your goals.  


Transitioning from a traditional sales funnel that leaves your client at the end of a process, to a full circle product & service focused client experience.

Raise the value your client expects, to raise the revenue your firm generates.





Insurance &

Estate Planning.



The only part of a plan that is guaranteed, is that not everything will go as planned.


The WealthCo Group of Companies is uniquely positioned to 


Transitioning from a traditional sales funnel that leaves your client at the end of a process, to a full circle product & service focused client experience.

Raise the value your client expects, to raise the revenue your firm generates.

Integrated Advisory is western Canada's first independent wealth management services model catering exclusively to CPA firms.

WealthCo’s integrated wealth advisory model was founded by CPA's and financial professionals who understand that by combining their professional capabilities, they are uniquely qualified to elevate the industry by improving the lives of the clients they serve.

It is a calling to restore consumer confidence in the financial services industry by creating sustainable growth for Canadian CPA firms and professionals.

Today client expectations have surpassed the growth of our industry.



A shift from hourly billing to value billing remains a significant challenge for CPA firms looking to integrate wealth management into their practice. Integrated Advisory is an additional revenue stream, not the replacement of a core business model. 



Clients now expect consumer based experiences from their CPA. These expectations are led by institutions providing full service client models, and place increasing pressure on CPA firms to shift the dynamics of their client relationships from service based to advisory driven.

Time &


There is no doubt that clients view CPA's as their primary trusted advisor, but trust and expectations do not create more hours in a day. The commitment made by CPA firms to meet client expectations is a commitment to creating the capacity to succeed.

Learn more about our solutions to complex challenges facing CPA firms today.

We use 20 years of industry experience to help CPA firms solve complex challenges head on.


As an established CPA firm, you're positioned for exponential growth.

As industry leaders in integrated wealth advisory, we're positioned to take you there.

Accountants are the leading trusted advisor

in the financial services industry

The complex challenge that CPA firms face today is how to become leaders of trust and value to clients - this is often seen as a choice between working in the business to maintain trust or on the business to increase value. 

In the business.

Developing and retaining top talent.

Revenue dependant on hourly billing.

Technology disruption.

Digital alternatives.

Regulatory changes.

Increased operational costs.

Pressure to make un-calculated decisions.

On the business.

Aggregate service offerings from banks.

Fee compression.

Technology disruption.

Growing expectations of clients.

Perception vs Reality - The value of CPA advisory.

Full partner buy-in.

Intergenerational growth models.

Integrated Advisory is a business development solution that creates a competitive advantage in the on-demand era of financial services. 

Entrepreneurial CPA firms looking to diversify and scale have a perfect fit solution through integrated wealth advisory.


The flexibility within the integrated advisory suite of services creates a tailored experience based on the unique needs of your clients.

Collaboration leads to growth and sustainability,

not outsourcing.

We have been trusted with unparalleled responsibility, so client needs always come first.