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Maximizing the benefits of a healthy and engaged employees.

As businesses grow operational and administrative tasks become increasingly taxing, and take away from critical strategic and creative priorities. 

We design, operate, communicate, and manage benefits programs with a comprehensive and ongoing commitment to success that allows for strategic business critical focus, and maximizes employee engagement. 

As your trusted benefits consultant, Fairfield Watson has extended our services to provide you with employee wellness support and programming. 


“Wellness” is often used as an umbrella term to explain a number of different health incentives. We understand that introducing an employee wellness program can be overwhelming for employers. At Fairfield Watson we have worked diligently to structure a simplified and effective program framework that can be customized to meet your exact needs. We take care of everything!

Through an in-depth assessment process, we can deliver a program that will have a direct positive impact on your company and the health of your employees. In fact, research has shown that successful wellness strategies can:


  • Reduce overall healthcare costs

  • Improve employee productivity

  • Reduce employee absenteeism 

  • Improve employee recruitment and retention 

  • Build workplace culture and boost morale 




First, we must understand the goals of our company, along with the wellness needs and wants of your employees. We will do this through a number of approaches including, a fact-finding process with your company leaders, an in-depth analysis of your extended healthcare claims, and online employee wellness survey. 



After analyzing your company’s needs, we will work with you to create a targeted wellness strategy that can be seamlessly implemented. We can build off of your existing initiatives, implement new strategies, and share with you a list of readily available program options. This list includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

  • Virtual Healthcare Solutions

  • Employee Assistance Programs 

  • Office Food Delivery

  • In-Office Yoga Classes

  • Ergonomic Assessments

  • Wellness Education Seminars 

  • Group Wellness Challenges 

Plan Design.

We foster stronger connections between benefit providers, employees, and employers.

The goal of employee benefits is to scale the wellness of your employees, with the wellness of your business.


We work with you to design customized plans that leverage the value of benefits into long-term employee assets who are healthier, more productive and more likely to attain business goals and objectives. 

Carrier Solutions

Our access is your bottom line.

Training & Development.

When we learn, we grow.

Training is the starting point for businesses committed to investing in their employees. The value of your investment in employee benefits is a direct representation of the values your organization holds. 

We engage with your team from day one. From individual new employee orientations, to corporate educational sessions on the benefits of employee benefits, we are committed to continuous education and active leadership.

Human Resources & Consulting.

To further support our clients, Fairfield Watson focuses on creating custom solutions to maximize the talent pool within an organization and develop structure to increase business effectiveness. The results will allow business owners the time and capacity to enjoy the pride and passion of running their company.

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