Integrated Advisory


Family enterprise accounts for almost half of private sector employment and is widely regarded as the backbone of the the Canadian Economy....

So why is the most common challenge for

family enterprise the feeling of isolation due to lack support and information?

What if support was a conversation?

Isolation, it is the most common challenge family business members face. It can be challenging to discuss problems with other family members, and those outside the family business often don’t understand the unique dynamics of Family Enterprise.

Creating Inter-Generational Harmony and Success for Family Enterprises

By providing an opportunity to work through challenges, and empower opportunities with other members of family businesses, designated family enterprise advisors provide objective, and intimate advice in an atmosphere of mutual trust and support.

We Support Family Enterprise

Working better together.

Families and our economy need Informed and integrated family enterprise advisors. As a member, we have designations that distinguish us as a specialist to business families. To create long term “family enterprising” that promotes trans generational wealth, the focus must be on blending family, business, and ownership strategies, with empathy, trust, and experience.